Starting her singing carreer in a choir at the age of 6 and playing her first guitar chords at the age of 14, Ismena grew up to be a motivated singer-songwriter. Due to her Bosnian father and Dutch mother she was familiar with different cultures which turned out to be beneficial for her development as an artist. She spent a period of 6 years, starting at 6 and ending at 12, living in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Hercegovina. At an early age she learned a lot about poverty, violence and depression, nowadays common subjects in her songs. After she moved back to the Netherlands she started taking music more seriously. At the age of 16 she started performing as a singer-songwriter and has been ever since. She has participated in a few competitions such as Kunstbende and Nu of Nooit and is currently studying at the Dutch Pop Academy in Utrecht. She is active in a few bands but invests most of her time as a solo artist. She is working on her debut EP and is planning her release in September.


Although Ismena conveniently calls her music dreamy melancholic , she actually separates the dreamy from the melancholic. Her ‘melancholic’ songs are very dark and are often described as gothic and sometimes even new wave. In this genre she mostly sings in a low vocal range and uses a lot of minor chords. In her ‘dreamy’ songs she often uses her higher vocal range and major chords. Although the themes in her 'dreamy' songs are still heavy, her instrumentals are quite light compared to the ones in her ‘melancholic’ songs.


The binding aspect in all of her songs is the fact that she mostly writes about downhearted themes like death, depression and love sickness.